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Real estate is a big business to start but a huge gain when boosted with smart techniques and determination. Real estate helps people searching home and searching jobs. It is a big industry of business that supports many successors. It requires long-term project and business plan to success in this kind. When choosing a real estate company to trust, you must consider its backgrounds, foundations, and history. Remember that you and the business are not engaging in a small transaction. You have to choose trusted and developed one.

Camden Property Trust is a large publicly traded multifamily company that is famous in the United States. It has many properties all over many states in America like Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Camden Property owns the most featured apartment in Stockbridge, Georgia, and a newly inaugurated property in Scottsdale, Arizona. This company is engaged in the ownership, development, acquisition, management, and disposition of multifamily apartment communities. Despite thousands of their rooms, the company can manage them all by one is headquarter that is located in Houston, Texas.

In 1982, Camden’s predecessor company was founded by Campo and Keith. Continuing its development, it reached 1993 and completed Initial Public Offering (IPO). By 1997, it acquired Paragon Group, Inc. and by the year next to it, the Oasis Residential, Inc. By having organized business plan and real executions, it reaches ten years by the year 2003. Continuing its journey, in 2005, it acquired Summit Properties, Inc. Three years after, it had been awarded to the first multifamily company to make Fortune’s list of the Best Place to Work. Finally, today, it is now an $8 billion company with nearly two thousand employees and almost seventy thousand apartments nationwide.

Living excellence is their encouragement to people. Camden provides 24-hour emergency maintenance to all their apartments. Customer service is their top priority. Their positive corporate culture is the most powerful influence affecting their success. That culture is all about people who share a set of values that define and how to execute business. Their people lead by example, always do the right thing, have fun, team players, people-driven, act with integrity, results-oriented, work smart, and customer-focused.

The Camden’s mission is: Guided by our values, we are committed to being the best multifamily company by providing living excellence to our customers. The good thing in here, they encourage their workers in order to share their competitive talents, experiences and skills to foster continual advancement and innovation. They are not trapping their agents into a do-this-exactly job. They are open to ideas of others, and this might be one of the reasons of their fast-growing business.

Earlier in 2015, the company was recently named by FORTUNE Magazine for the seventh consecutive year as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” in America, placing 11th on the list. With continuing operations, Camden is not far from being popular in real estate business industry all over the world.

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